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Rock Balancing

imperfectly balanced

Move Forward Towards Perfection Together

who is it for?

Do you have a team who could benefit from building a culture of inclusive excellence by exploring the fundamentals of effective communication and collaboration? Perhaps you have team who shifted from collaborating onsite to a hybrid or remote work environment? Due to recent environmental impacts, you may also have new employees being onboarded at record rates.


If you are experiencing any of these common workplace scenarios, this virtual or onsite Golden Age Leadership Signature Program is a good fit for your team. It is our 3E Promise to equip, empower, and engage your team to produce the following objectives and outcomes:

  • Develop team values and strategies for living them out given your individual roles and team vision and mission

  • Gain awareness of each team members’ strengths and the impact they have on one another

  • Identify and celebrate the differences found within one’s strengths and experiences

  • Acquire skills and tools to apply compassion and empathy with a greater sense of understanding

  • Increase confidence and discover strategies to establish a mutual purpose and engage in difficult conversations with healthy conflict

what is it?

Typically, this program is offered as a 2-day, in-person workshop—this is still available upon request! However, due to COVID-19, it is now made available virtually and can be delivered interactively via 4 mini-workshops in 3-hour increments with two 15-minute breaks. 

If you wish to spread them out over time, team members have the opportunity to engage in conversations with one another surrounding what they gained in between workshops. This not only increases their sense of belonging and appreciation, but also your ROI through their engagement in their work and with one another.

This program uses the 4MAT instructional design model to create more dynamic, engaging learning that results in greater retention and appreciation. 4MAT blends discussion, information, coaching and self-discovery methods of learning and application.

If you want to spend more time on a particular topic or want us to customize the learning to fit your exact needs, that is possible too! You can also have us customize a program specifically for your employee training, leadership, learning, or engagement needs in a format that makes sense for your learning culture.

Sustain or expand your outcomes!

Request ongoing 6o-minute Imperfectly Balanced Tables—virtual or in person. We facilitate engaging conversations related to the topics above with the intent to continue building an appreciation of team values, strengths, and differences. Participants will also continue to build confidence through ongoing practice in having difficult conversations. You determine the frequency!

program options

Bronze Package

3 Hours of Learning

(virtual, classroom or hybrid)

Optional Add-Ons

Four pre-recorded
motivating videos

Up to three 60-minute
group coaching sessions

Up to five 60-minute
individual coaching sessions

Silver Package

6 Hours of Learning

(virtual, classroom or hybrid)

Optional Add-Ons

Eight pre-recorded
motivating videos

Four to six 60-minute
group coaching sessions

Six to ten 60-minute
individual coaching sessions

Gold Package

12 Hours of Learning

(virtual, classroom or hybrid)

Optional Add-Ons

Twelve pre-recorded
motivating videos

Seven to twelve 60-minute
group coaching sessions

More than eleven 60-minute
individual coaching sessions

Schedule your consultation

Request your free 30-minute consult for a mini needs assessment and quote.

customize it!

Any module within the program can be simplified into a keynote, expanded into a workshop, or adapted to fit your specific needs. Travel expenses not included. Request your 30-minute consult for a mini-needs assessment and quote.


Molly is appreciated, valued, and sought after by all levels of an organization. Her ability to make you feel valued and heard are tremendous qualities that she exemplifies and practices naturally. She is able to help tackle concerns professionally and personally. Her positivity and warmth make it easy to open up and try something new.

Annikka Jenkins

Director of Human Resources | Magnum Venus Products

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