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I believe everyone has a purpose.

Molly founded Golden Age Leadership in 2016 in Wilmington, NC while also serving as the HR Director of Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement at UNC Wilmington. During the most difficult of ages, she believes gold can always be found if we make the time to define what we want the gold to be. Gold doesn’t always come as dollars and it doesn’t always make sense, but improved team communication, increased job satisfaction, and confidence in your leadership approach can equate just that… PURE GOLD!

For the past 20 years, Molly has made an impact facilitating leadership, learning & engagement programs and coaching leaders, professionals, and teams in the following industries:

  • Education

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Engineering

  • Faith-Based

  • Government

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical/Dental

  • Non-Profits

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After navigating some life-changing experiences during the pandemic, she felt a calling on her life to expand her impact and continue to pioneer the leadership, learning, engagement, and most recently, the inclusion & belonging space.

So, after 20 years, Molly took the leap of faith and brought her Spoken Art Journals (artistic interpretation of a business plan) with her entrepreneurial aspirations to life. Molly forged ahead courageously with pioneering effort to reimagine the learning and talent development industry—virtually, experientially, and practically—to increase the consciousness of her learners with direct application to their work and accountability for results. Her customized leadership programs, learning adventures, and coaching models give Molly the foundational tools, uncommon wisdom, and an advantage in the marketplace.

Learn more about her learning programs, adventures, and coaching services.

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Molly's Coaching Style

Molly is an intuitive coach. What this means it that she and her clients frequently experience “lightbulb moments” that equip, empower, and engage them to their fullest potential. She holds her clients in high esteem and strongly encourages commitment from them as she makes them ask themselves hard questions that inevitably lead to growth.

Whether she coaches individuals or a group, Molly’s purpose is to facilitate movement… significant movement. A key part of why individuals hire Molly is to guide clients in sharing their opinion about their goals, situation, problems, dynamic or lifestyle. With permission, Molly also provides support, wisdom, structure, questions, understanding, strategies, ideas, synergy and—yes—opinions. If clients seek a clear direction, Molly will help them determine objectives, set goals, and intentionally monitor progress. She also motivates and empowers groups in helping them identify their needs, understand how their strengths and styles interact and then equipping them to build quality relationships and create paths towards a collective vision.

Learn more about her coaching and consulting services.

education & training

  • MSA in Training & Organizational Development, West Chester University

  • BA in Psychology, Gettysburg College

  • Lean Six Sigma Certificate, Villanova University

  • Mediation Certificate, Lakewood College

  • Coaching & Improving Human Performance Certification, Association for Talent Development

  • Certified in the Forte Institute's Communication Profile and Multi-Health System's Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi) 2.0

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