Developing the Genius Around You

The ability to Innovate, Integrate, and Motivate makes employees Worthy in the eyes of an employer, yet it seems hard to come by these days or are we simply not making the time to develop team members and instead spending too much time placing judgement, staying busy, and making excuses for why we're not seeing how we can be a part of the solution?

In this Golden Age Leadership program be ready to have your perspective shifted and give you the skills and strategies needed to foster innovation, effectively onboard and strengthen a healthy organizational culture, and motivate employees to not only grow into their highest potential, but also want to stay when they become your top performers.

Engagement and retention is everyone's business. As a result, this program is not limited to leaders. Co-workers are just as influencal to employees' growth, success, and workplace satisfaction.

For a limited time, watch the full length keynote version of this Golden Age Leadership program.  Custom designed for the Florida Association of Colleges and Employers (FloridaACE). 


About Einstein

He didn't speak until he was 3.  When he did, he had a lot to say.

His father thought he was a loser and told him so... repeatedly.

His professors thought he was a goof-off and didn't take him seriously.

His father would unsuccessfully apply for faculty jobs on his behalf.

His first job was a 'lowly' patent clerk.           ...but then his miracle year happened!


"Thanks for the wake up call!  I'm going to look at millenials as Young Einsteins. Calling them entitled and lazy is going to get me no where--and it doesn't help them grow. They are just waiting for their miracle year. My job is to help them get there."

"Thank you for giving me the push I need to fulfill my miracle year.  I place judgment on others and it's time that I start looking n the mirror and ask myself if I want to be a part of the problem or the solution. It's my time to help others by helping myself in the process."

"Today's world is so different than when Einstein was around, but who knew I would learn so much from historical figures and shift how I view my place in the world!  We're repeating history and I'm going to change it and start with me."

The Theory of Profit-ity

When life gives you lemons, you…learn and apply the Theory of Profit-ity then present to a team of celebrity judges.  Why Not? The Theory of Profit-ity equips participants then requires them to apply the 4P equation through an interactive simulation— in other words, effectively and efficiently collaborate with PEOPLE, assess the PROCESS, build the PRODUCT, and create and deliver a persuasive PITCH.

Before the official 'showdown,' all participants complete the Forté Communication Assessment –  a robust, highly accurate communication style report, used globally for over 30-years for personal development at all levels and sizes of organizations.  It shares the “who” of an individual, increasing self-awareness, how they are currently adapting to their environment, and how they are most likely coming across to others.  Based on this profile, it then gives the individual a communications strategy that will strengthen workplace communication and performance.

After careful analysis of the Forté results, participants are placed into teams and given the opportunity to experience firsthand a mash up of Shark Tank and Cutthroat Kitchen dubbed “La Cocina del Sol Showdown.”  Each team bids against each other on supplies for their presentation including cutting boards, a tablecloth, glassware, and even a “mystery product.”  Using their purchases, each team makes their own lemonade and presents their 90 second pitch considering the audience, the product, and the curve balls presented to them during the bidding process.  Although all teams were tasked with “selling” lemonade, each pitch had to include two of the six principles of influence, provide a unique background story and value proposition.

While celebrity judges are optional, recent celebrity judges included Judy Girard, President Emeritus of Food Network, HGTV and Lifetime Network and co-founder of GLOW (Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington); Cynthia Ferich, TV Chef on WBTV News, Educator, and Author; Bo Perkins, Celebrity Chef and Founder of Addiction Hot Sauces; and Hoop Morgan, Founder and Chairman of the Forte Institute (see picture to the right).