Dream BIG. Shine BRIGHT. Create Your BEST Life.


Molly’s first book, titled The 5 P Philosophy: Mastering the Art of Dreaming Big and Shining Bright, was the inspiration behind this highly sought after keynote and workshop that brings form, function, and purpose to your life.

Learn and apply her time tested 5 P Philosophy model, strategies, and stories that uncover and link your principles and passions, gain and sustain the persistence needed to create your best life, build and strengthen relationships with the people who can help you succeed, and define what peace and happiness can and will look like!

Made famous by Tony Buzan, Molly also will teach you how to effectively and efficiently create your future through a process called mindmapping. The path to attracting people, harnessing persistence, and taking action to attain your short term and long term goals becomes exciting and real. Why not map out your future?


Unleashing the possibilities occur when individuals plan in one and five year increments.  You will be given the opportunity to develop a one and five year plan and take a glimpse into future decades to power up and embody a ‘fear not’ mentality. The 5 P Philosophy is a great place to start when looking to unleash a brighter future.


A sense of peace and prosperity will prevail when one trusts and believes in the power behind the 5 P Philosophy to attract what you want out of life. 

Dream BIG.  Shine BRIGHT. Create your BEST life.


“I was just going through the motions and thinking to myself ‘is this it?’ Thanks to mindmapping out my 5 P’s, I now have a new outlook on work and life. Thank you!”


“Thanks to your workshop I learned how to manage my ‘average of 10’ and attracted the people who I need in my life.”

“Allowing myself to ‘dream big’ for once without shooting down my ideas was refreshing. It is definitely an art, not a science.  Thanks for waking me up!”

“Now that I have defined peace, I can actually work towards it and not be afraid to share it with others. Where were you in my college years?”