About Golden Age Leadership

We are proud to launch a new way of learning and employee engagement through five unique Golden Age Leadership Experiences.  Over the past decade, the talent development industry has undergone a significant transformation.  While there is still a need for the workforce to be trained and knowledgeable, we’ve experienced an increased demand for learning experiences geared towards engagement, workforce retention, innovation, and transformative leadership development experiences that results in a strong leadership pipeline. 


Supporting research has determined that employee recruitment, engagement, performance, development, and retention are vital to the health of an organization.  With this in mind, Golden Age Leadership Experiences are designed to examine past events, present situations, and future possibilities to create a new age that results in peace, prosperity, and happiness—just as it was in the Golden Age. 


Golden Age Leadership Experiences promises educational, generationally friendly, and enlightening programming in a safe and friendly environment where participants are given the opportunity to imagine and create a brighter future.  All five leadership experiences chart participants’ course into a new way of thinking and acting with the end goal being to grow into to their highest potential while experiencing a full life.


What is the Golden Age?

Literally, since the Golden Age, we have experienced the Silver, Bronze, and are currently living in the Iron Age. 


Can we go back in time? 

In the movie, Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen would argue yes. 


While the Golden Age Leadership was inspired by his film, we must let go of wishing we were in the past and begin to actively live and create a desirable future. 


‘Golden Age Thinking’ is a thing of the past. Golden Age Leadership is where the currency lies and it starts with one… YOU!